Below is a selection of my clips and some examples of video work I have done. I also included links to my author pages at various publications I have written for—in case you feel compelled to do more reading.

Decades ago in Palm Springs, a row of trees was planted between an African American neighborhood and a municipal golf course. The trees block the residents’ view of the course and the San Jacinto Mountains, and many homeowners feel this has artificially depressed their property values. Residents are now calling on the city to remove the trees, which they say are an enduring symbol of segregation and racial inequality: African Americans in Palm Springs neighborhood want ‘racist’ row of trees gone

One of the cities on my beat at The Desert Sun, Cathedral City, was incorporated after the passage of California Proposition 13, which froze property tax rates after its passage in 1978. Faced with some budget difficulties due to lower property tax collection than its neighbors, it has found an interesting way to fund emergency services: California city sues hundreds over unpaid ambulance bills

A common thread running through my beat has been how cities have struggled to control and capitalize on the burgeoning medical and recreational cannabis industry. In Cathedral City, many small, family owned businesses have been forced to relocate as they were priced out of the real estate market. Now, the city’s auto dealerships–which provide 50 percent of the city’s annual revenue–are threatening they could leave or file a federal lawsuit if a cultivation facility is built nearby: Marijuana could cause this city’s ‘golden goose’ to leave And: Planning commission OKs pot project despite opposition from auto dealers, threat of lawsuit

This story was a data-driven report about the high rate of pedestrian fatalities in the Coachella Valley, especially in Palm Springs, a tourism hot spot: Palm Springs pedestrian deaths four times the national average

The traditional narrative in the Coachella Valley has long been that cities in the west valley have a higher standard of living than cities in the east valley. For this story, I teamed up with another reporter to examine over a decade of data on quality of life indicators and explore if the gap in the quality of life experienced on the two sides of the valley is real, and if that gap is widening or closing: “This is a way back.” Education boosts eastern Coachella Valley

One of the stories I followed during my time at McClatchy was the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Below are links to a few stories which I researched and wrote, alone and with colleagues, on the topic:
Clinton Email Contacts
State Department Scrubs Sensative Info Before Clinton Email Release
Classified Clinton Emails

This was a feature story I was working on well before the DoD announced it would lift its ban on open transgender service. Because I had been pursuing the story and interviewing sources before the news broke, I was able to release a deeper and more comprehensive story than other outlets, like the AP or The New York Times:
DoD Lifts Transgender Ban

I was on the steps of the Supreme Court in 2015 when key rulings on the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality came down. I did the reporting and audio recording that went into these two videos.
Marriage Equality:

Affordable Care Act:

This was an investigative report I worked on at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review looking into Allegheny County and Authority Officials–including the water, sewer and transportation authorities–with second jobs and the lack of regulation of this practice on the county level. The story was an A1 centerpiece:
Oversight of Alleghency County & Authority Officials with 2nd Jobs Lax

You can find more of my articles and video work on my author pages:








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