Friday Forecast: New York

Happy Friday, friends. I hope your week went by as fast as mine did. I’ll be spending the weekend at home packing for my vacation next week and repairing the blinds my cat broke before my apartment complex fines me (see last week’s Sunday Selection post for pictures of cat mid-destruction). Here’s this week’s Friday Forecast, with everything you need to know for the weekend and week ahead in politics and world news:

  • It’s up to you, New York, New York. The New York primary is Tuesday, April 19 and could solidify Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton and Republican front runner Donald Trump’s bids for their respective party nominations. They both lead in the polls by significant margins. I would be surprised if any of their competitors dropped out after New York votes, but expect the rhetoric to change come Wednesday. In the meantime, everybody will be eating thin crust pizza (hopefully with their hands this time) and talking about how much they love the city that never sleeps.
  • Bernie Sanders was at the Vatican Friday for a conference on the world economy and social justice hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Sanders, the only U.S. presidential candidate invited to the conference, spoke on Friday and also had a brief meeting with Pope Francis.
  • Speaking of Pope Francis, the pontiff visited the Greek island of Lesbos with his Orthodox and Greek Orthodox counterparts to meet with Syrian refugees and draw attention to the plight of refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East. He brought 12 Syrian refugees, including six children, back to Rome with him. The families will be housed at The Vatican.
  • North Carolina. Remember that Friday Forecast a few weeks ago when I told you to keep an eye on North Carolina and the bill Gov. Pat McCrory signed repealing protections for LGBT individuals in Charlotte? We’ll he’s been walking back his stance on the bill since artists, activists and big businesses have begun to boycott his state in retaliation. He’ll be on Meet the Press Sunday morning and I’m guessing he’ll be distancing himself even further from the legislation.
  • The cover story for this week’s New York Times Magazine is all about a (stupid) Swedish video game called Minecraft. Prepare yourself. It will get traction.

Happy weekend. Leave any tips, thoughts or sarcastic comments in the comments. Keep your stick on the ice,


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