Sunday Selection: Azerbaijan, The Panama Papers and Doping in the UK

I’ve been pretty bad about posting this week; I apologize. It’s been hard getting back into the habit of blogging each day. I will try to be much better in the week ahead. Here are the articles you should be reading with your leisure time this weekend:

Last week, GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump gave an interview to The New York Times in which he explained his worldview and how it would shape his foreign policy objectives should his bid for the presidency be successful. This includes allowing Japan and South Korea to amass nuclear arsenals (while potentially withdrawing American troops from both countries), withdrawing from NATO, spying on allies and reconsidering alliances with countries including Germany.

Azerbaijan announced a ceasefire in the fighting with ethnic Armenian forces in the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh early Sunday morning, but fighting has continued between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces. The territory nominally belongs to Azerbaijan but is populated by ethnic Armenians and is predominantly controlled by an Armenian backed separatist government. The two countries have been fighting over the territory since the break up of the Soviet Union but the recent violence is the most intense since 1994.

A British doctor claims he doped over 150 elite athletes including British Tour de France cyclists, champion boxers and members of numerous Champions League football teams including Chelsea and Arsenal. The UK Culture Minister has called for an independent inquiry into the taxpayer-funded UK-Anti Doping watchdog group, which allegedly knew about this doctor’s practices and did nothing to stop him.

All roads lead to Putin. The recently leaked “Panama Papers” show a $2 billion trail of offshore deals and loans leading straight to the Russian President. The massive leak–larger than Wikileaks or the leak of NSA documents by Edward Snowden–does not only center on Putin. Other world leaders, including the Prime Minister of Iceland, and organizations including FIFA are now facing serious questions about their ties to these off shore accounts.

Look out for tomorrow’s Military Monday post about increasing US presence in Eastern Europe. Keep your stick on the ice.


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