Sunday Selection: Palmyra, UKIP and C.T.E

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend. I apologize for the belated post–I had family in town and did not have a lot of time to write. (I will be posting the articled intended for last Saturday next Saturday.) While it’s now Monday, not Sunday, I still hope you find some time to read some of these stories today or later this week:

Syrian state forces have reportedly retaken the historic city of Palmyra from ISIS. After a three-week push to retake the city from Assad’s forces and its allies (read: Russia), the majority of the city is back in regime hands. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has independently confirmed that Palmyra is back under Assad control.

A suicide bombing at a park in Lahore has killed 72 and wounded 320, mostly women and children. The bombing appears to have been targeting Christian families celebrating Easter. An offshoot of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The DoD says a top ISIS commander, Haji Imam, was killed in a commando raid last week. Imam had also been a senior member of al Qaeda in Iraq and played a leading role in the group’s infrastructure and operations during the insurgency in Iraq.

Foreign Policy has the bizarre ending to one of the strangest stories in modern history. International diamond theft, royal assassination, Buddhist monks…this one has it all.

Pro-Brexit (those who want Britain to leave the European Union) elements in the UK have been courting large British businesses in an effort to try and get them to say they would support the move to leave the union. Some of those who were supposedly on the list have recently come out and said they never agreed to be part of the “Vote Leave” crowd.

Also, as the debate around C.T.E. in contact sports heats up, it’s good to remember that the research on this topic is still in its infancy. While there is a clear connection between repeated head trauma and development of C.T.E., it is too early to know what the risk of a single concussion might be and how the disease evolves over time in those who develop it, scientists say.

That’s all for now. Look out for Military Monday later today. Keep your stick on the ice.


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