Starting Today…

Starting today I’m doing something new with the blog. Instead of having a disjointed system where I sometimes post when I have an idea and then go weeks without posting again, I’m creating a posting schedule. Each day is devoted to a different topic (bonus: the topics are alliterative), which you can read about below:

Military Monday: a discussion of military affairs in the US and around the world including developments in technology, drone strikes, ongoing conflicts, training exercises, Guantanamo Bay, troop deployments or anything interesting coming out of the DoD. This section could also occasionally feature guest-written columns.

Tuesday Ten: I’ll admit I borrowed this section idea from another blog I read, but I won’t be borrowing the content. Every Tuesday I’ll publish ten thoughts, questions, ideas or articles related to a topic that’s at the top of my mind. It could be anything from ten thoughts about the state of the2016 campaign to my ten favorite beers.

World News Wednesday: I’ll spotlight an international news story that I don’t think is getting adequate attention. Anything from the civil war in South Sudan to protests against the Prime Minister in Moldova. Anything that is important, international and under-reported is fair game.

Thursday: no clever section title here. Thursday will be a free day–sometimes I’ll post, sometimes I won’t (I do have a day job to maintain). Mostly, I’ll use Thursday to work on creating content for the other days and updating the site.

Friday Forecast: my predictions about what’s going to happen over the weekend and next week in U.S. and international news and what to look out for. This will include upcoming events to look out for-like debates, primary elections or caucuses, big speeches, important trials or committee hearings-as well as some predictions about other things that might happen in the weekend and week ahead.

Saturday Sound-off: I’ll publish a new article of my own analyzing a topic of my choosing. This will be a researched, factual, analytical argument. Not an editorial or an opinion piece. This week: are we vetting presidential candidates the wrong way?

Sunday Selection: in which I provide a round-up of the long-form stories you should be reading with your extra time on Sunday morning.

As always, comments are welcome. Share your thoughts, ideas and sarcasm below! The inaugural Friday Forecast will be available this afternoon.

Keep your stick on the ice,


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