Friday Forecast: From SCOTUS to the Stones

Hello everyone,

Here’s your Friday Forecast for March 25, 2016:

The weekend should be pretty quiet. All our hard-working, God-fearing members of Congress are at home with their families for the Easter holidays. Expect the White House to use this silence to push for President Obama’s recent Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. And expect Republican Senators to respond quickly and angrily on social media.

In campaign news, Democrats in the state of Washington will caucus tomorrow (Republicans in May). Bernie Sanders is hoping for a big win and the odds seem to be in his favor; Seattle has been number one among major U.S. metro areas for per-capita contributions to the Sanders campaign.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are both holding campaign events in Wisconsin this weekend ahead of the state’s April 5th primary contents. Donald Trump will be there on Tuesday.

Keep an eye on North Carolina, and no, I don’t mean the basketball team. On Wednesday, Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill into law that invalidated protections for LGBT individuals in Charlotte. There was immediate push back from companies including Google, Apple, American Airlines and Lowe’s, which is headquartered just outside the city. The NBA, ESPN and the NCAA–all of which were planning on Charlotte as a venue for major sporting events in the coming year–said they were concerned about the move or reconsidering Charlotte as a host city. This isn’t going to go away. Especially in an election year.

Outside the U.S., expect most of the weekend coverage to be dedicated to the aftermath of the Brussels Bombings. Investigators are trying to move fast and more raids are likely–though Belgian law makes it difficult to conduct police operations at night and one weekends and holidays.

And, in lighter news, the Rolling Stones are playing their first ever concert in Cuba tonight.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Easter weekend with friends and loved ones.

Keep your stick on the ice,


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