Becoming a journalist…again

I hate to start with a cliche, but 2015 was a big year for me. There were the things I expected: graduating college, getting a good internship, landing my first job in the real world, moving to a place I’ve never been before. There were the things I didn’t expect: getting engaged, getting an internship covering the White House and Congress, turning down a good job so my fiance could take a great job, moving to Oklahoma, taking a job in marketing, getting married.

The funny thing about getting married is people constantly ask, “how’s being married? Is is great? Is it so different?” Especially other married people.  I’ll clear the record right here: other than my tax forms, it’s not terribly different. But it is awesome. It’s like a never ending party with your best friend where you’re never expected to wear pants. And since my husband is the most funny, intelligent and goofy human being I know, I’m pretty sure it will keep being awesome.

No, the biggest adjustment in my life hasn’t been my marital status. It’s been my career status. I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life for a long time. And despite people telling me it’s crazy or dangerous or they’re sure I’ll change my mind, becoming a war correspondent remains my greatest passion in life. While moving to Tulsa has been great for our marriage and my husband’s career, I do miss journalism. I was unable to find a job in the industry when we moved, so I took a position at a small marketing firm. It’s hard to complain about my laid-back workplace or the extensive holiday vacation time, but I miss journalism constantly.

I miss the intellectual challenge and the omnipresent deadline pressure. I miss the fascinating people reporting brings you into contact with each day. I miss the feeling of contributing to a national conversation, writing the first draft of history. I even miss not getting a good night’s sleep because I had so much to think about.

Enter this blog–my attempt to rejoin the world of journalism. Hold the confetti.

This will be mostly news and analysis. I’m going to give my take on the stories of the day–at home and abroad–and I’m going to write about issues that aren’t getting the coverage they deserve. Gun control, Saudi-Iranian relations, the 2016 campaign, Burundi…nothing is off the table.

But since I don’t want to bore you to death, I’ll spice it up occasionally. I’ll write about what I’m cooking because I’m a pretty good home chef and I like to brag about it. I’ll regale you with tales about this lifelong northerner who found herself in the south. I’ll blog about silly things I do from time to time because we all need to laugh at ourselves more. I can’t promise I’ll always be as hard-hitting as The Intercept or a clever as BuzzFeed, but I’ll always be me.

Welcome to my full-assed attempt at citizen journalism.

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