The First Ten Days


I thought this would be a good point to start blogging as I’ve now had sufficient time to settle in, get to know Brussels, travel a little bit and get started at my internship (also, I’ve been busy and exhausted since I arrived, and blogging has not been at the forefront of my mind). Looking back, despite how hectic and exhausting it has been, I’ve had a rather lovely first 10 days. The majority of them have been spent ambling around Brussels, eating frites and waffles, trying not to get lost on the gloriously twisted streets.

As I settle into my internship at New Europe, I am reflecting a little on the great experiences I have had in my short time here and eagerly anticipating all the wonderful experiences that lie ahead! In my first 10 days in Belgium I have already:


I have also made a fool of myself in both French and Dutch (but seeing as I speak very little French and no Dutch this isn’t surprising) and pissed off approximately 8 shopkeepers/bartenders/cashiers with my complete inability to speak French or Dutch. On the whole though, people have been rather good about the language barrier and almost everyone speaks English or Spanish if I ask politely. Some even play along with my sad attempts at French (major kudos to the lovely lady at the bakery around the corner). 

Overall, in the first 10 days, my experiences in Belgium have been overwhelmingly positive. The country is beautiful, the people are kind, the food and the beer are absurdly good. I really like my internship, everyone at New Europe is fantastic and I’m getting to do interesting and fun journalism in my first week there. I am excited to see more of Belgium and travel to other parts of Europe as well. I sense exciting and interesting opportunities on the horizon–and I’m looking forward to them all. Every. Last. One. 


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