Orientation Assignment

Here’s my collection of slightly awkward selfies at the 10 specified land marks. I didn’t make it to the Farmer’s Market while it was open, so the picture of me with the empty parking lot in the background is where the Farmer’s Market is held.

Since I visited these places on a Sunday afternoon, some of them (Farmer’s Market, Courthouse, County Government Building, etc.) weren’t rife with people. However, some of them had hundreds of people there. I talked to people at Rock Bride State Park, the Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens, the Activities and Recreation Center, Rainbow Softball Center and outside the Daniel Boone City Building. Three of these conversations started because people were curious why I was taking pictures of myself at seemingly mundane locations, one offered to take the picture for me. At Rock Bridge, I talked with a MU student named Zac Wilson. He likes to come to Rock Bridge to go running. He mentioned it seemed like less people had been biking and running on the trails the past few months, and it made me wonder if more people are transitioning to treadmills or stationary bicycles at home or  in gyms. At the ARC, or rather outside it, I talked to Kara Glasse, who seemed to think I should write a feature about her boyfriend, Matt, who is apparently a very good lacrosse player and, if one believes Kara, also rather attractive. Kara was at the ARC that day to watch Matt’s lacrosse game; apparently she goes to all of them. I met a really nice couple outside the Daniel Boone City Building. They were from Atlanta and were in Columbia for Summer Welcome. Their son will be starting at MU in the fall. We talked about how I like the university and what it was like for me to be an out of state student. At the Martin Luther King Jr. Gardens, I met at girl named Laura (didn’t get her last name) who was at the park “unwinding” from a fight with her boyfriend. Laura will be a senior at Hickman in the fall and we talked abut her boyfriend, high school, college and why she likes to come to the gardens when she’s upset. At the Rainbow Softball Center, I talked to a group of students from Columbia College who say they like to go out and play a pick-up game if there’s an open field. One of the guys, Josh Dubbert, said they probably go out to the complex once a week during the semester, but three or four times a week during the summer.

I didn’t generate any good story ideas, but I was interested by how many people were out playing softball on a dreary Saturday afternoon. It also made me wonder how many people play softball in pickup leagues, like the boys from Columbia College, vs. how many play in organized leagues.

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