Mizzou LGBTQ center provides vital resource on campus

The Mizzou LGBTQ Resource Center, located in the basement of the student center, plays a vital role in the lives of students on campus. Through a combination of meetings, campus events, a radio show, in-center resources and advice provided to other campus organizations, the LGBTQ center attempts to meet the myriad needs of students on the MU campus.
Nora Mavrakis, a Mizzou Freshman, says she uses the center regularly. “It’s nice to have somewhere where you can hang out. A place that’s safe,” she says. Mavrakis uses the center in between classes and attends meetings at the center. She says she thinks it is a valuable campus resource and that her college experience would be different without it. “In college, you can make a lot of friends…but having a place where you can make friends who you can really share personal things with is important.”



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