Unconfirmed reports of chemical weapons have been coming out of Syria for months. I first remember hearing reports that Assad had used sarin gas, from activists and rebels inside Syria, in November and December of 2012. The United Nations and other international organizations said they would look into the claims, but nothing came of this… Read More Syria



Justin Trudeau, newly elected leader of the Liberal Party, has an even greater battle ahead than the one he just faced. Having won the Liberal Party leadership election handily, beating the other five candidates with 80.2 percent of the vote, he now faces the challenge of legitimizing his position as one of Canada’s premier political… Read More Canada

Mizzou LGBTQ center provides vital resource on campus

The Mizzou LGBTQ Resource Center, located in the basement of the student center, plays a vital role in the lives of students on campus. Through a combination of meetings, campus events, a radio show, in-center resources and advice provided to other campus organizations, the LGBTQ center attempts to meet the myriad needs of students on… Read More Mizzou LGBTQ center provides vital resource on campus