While scrolling through twitter this morning I came across some very disturbing news: Justin Bieber’s monkey is in quarantine in Germany. Apparently the singer did not have the proper documentation for his pet capuchin and German customs officials would not let him bring the animal into the country. This raised three questions in my mind:… Read More Germany



President Nicos Anastasiades has again delayed an emergency parliamentary vote on the Cypriot bailout plan, and it looks as if these delays could last until the end of the week. The Cypriot government has also said it would keep banks closed until Thursday, in an attempt to stave off a possible bank run, although ATMs… Read More Cyprus

Vatican City

Pope Francis represents a lot of firsts.  The first pope from the Americas. The first Argentinean pope. The first Francis. The first Jesuit. First non-European pope in the modern Church. He could also be the first step in a process of modernization and outreach that the church desperately needs. Before conclave to elect the new pope began,… Read More Vatican City